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Dislyte Account FAQs: Bind, Link, Switch & Change Server

All the frequently asked questions regarding Dislyte accounts: How to bind, link, log in, switch, change accounts, and more.

Save data to new phone? : r/Dislyte – Reddit

Reddit – Dive into anything

Sep 28, 2021 — After you completed the tutorial, you should be able to tap on your avatar, then “Link Account”, then “Switch”, and log in using your Google …

As far as I can tell the game is synched with my Google account on my Galaxy S9, but when I start the game on my new phone it automatically “signs …

How to link your Account – Dislyte – AppGamer.com

How to link your Account – Dislyte

Jul 3, 2022 — In Dislyte, playing the game will let you log in directly with a guest account from the start so you can get a feel of the game.

This page provides a guide on how to keep your account data safe and linked

Account Transfer Guide for Dislyte – EpicNPC

Jun 2, 2022 — First, make sure to confirm how your account is linked. Most Dislyte accounts are linked with Lilith’s email and this link is permanent so …

Dislyte – Stylish Urban Mythological RPG Official Site

Dislyte is a stylish urban mythological RPG with striking visuals and outstanding characters. Be with Espers, get ready for the futuristic myth.

How to Change Accounts in Dislyte – Pro Game Guides

May 13, 2022 — How to Switch accounts on Dislyte · Click on your profile picture at the top of the screen. · Go to the Settings menu, and then select Services.

Dislyte Account For Sale – SetsunaEpic

Dislyte Account For Sale | SetsunaEpic | Buy Dislyte Accounts

A brand new game from developers of AFK Arena. SetsunaEpic is offering Dislyte accounts with reasonable prices and a huge catalog to choose from.

Can I play the game on multiple devices?

Can I play the game on multiple devices? — Homescapes Help Center

Connect the new game to the same Facebook account used on your first device. Tap/click “Load game”. Type in CONFIRM and tap/click OK. Using your Apple ID ( …

You can enjoy the same game on multiple devices by synchronizing your progress using your Facebook, Google or Apple ID account! 🤩 Cross-platform

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